The Family Workbook

Designed to equip whole families who are planning to move overseas!

Your family is like a ship: one vessel with distinct parts and one crew with unique roles. There are always many questions looking toward departure: How do we prepare the ship for departure? How can our crew work together well? What should we have on-board? How do we face storms along the way? How do we navigate in foreign waters? The workbook includes:

* Enjoyable activities           * Engaging discussions

* Relevant Bible verses        * Important information

About the Author

Emily Hervey grew up in Chile, the US, and Kazakhstan and has a heart for helping others experiencing the joys and challenges of expatriate living. As a result, she created a website of resources (Worldwide Families) and a workbook for families getting ready to move overseas: “Setting Sail: The Family Workbook.” She has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Regent University, is licensed in the state of Virginia, and works as an adjunct professor for graduate programs in psychology and counseling.
Dr. Hervey has written book chapters (see “Writing Out of Limbo” and “The Long Journey Home”), published academic journal articles and magazine articles, and has been interviewed on TransWorld Radio.
Dr. Hervey is currently focused on trauma response and recovery, globally equipping those in highly-traumatic settings. She is also available internationally for public speaking on Third Culture Kids, expatriate well-being, transitions, and Christian topics such as grace, suffering, and trusting in God